World War II

The number of local servicemen and women who died in World War II was significantly less than those in World War I, although WWII was more worldwide and overall a greater number in total were killed. Records show the following:

The First World War was a horrendous loss of life on both sides. Records show following details:

World War I
Country Population Military Deaths Civilian Deaths Total Deaths Deaths as % of population Military wounded
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 47,760,000 382,700 67,100 449,800 0.94% unknown
Germany 69,623,000 4,456,000 840,000 5,646,000 7.8% unknown
Overall total 1,963,205,000 21,582,100 34,514,100 61,798,600 3.71% unknown

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While in WWI the area had 70 casualties only 12 were lost in WWII.

The plaque to those who served during World War II in Curran Presbyterian Church.

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